Ribbit is an anthropomorphic toad. 


A tall anthropomorphic toad, Ribbit owned a steamboat on the Mississippi and was the rival of Catfish McDuckScrooge McDuck's uncle. Both of them used to carry freight for Colonel Cornpone, and, as Cornpone died owing both of them money, both had a claim to his luxurious mansion, Cornpone Gables. To settle the matter once and for all, Ribbit and Catfish agreed to a steamboat race, at the end of which the loser would give up his part-ownership to the winner. Catfish asked his young nephew Scrooge to help him, while Ribbit hired the dishonest Beaver Boys. After a wacky race, however, and thanks to Scrooge's efforts, Catfish won the mansion and the adjacent plantation.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ribbit was only ever seen in Once Upon a Dime, an episode of DuckTales.

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