Ribbit is a character in DuckTales


A tall anthropomorphic toad, Ribbit owned a steamboat on the Mississippi and was the rival of Catfish McDuckScrooge McDuck's uncle. Both of them owned half the deed to a luxurious mansion, which meant neither of them could live in it alone. To settle the matter once and for all, Ribbit and Catfish agreed to a steamboat race, at the end of which the loser would give up his part-ownership to the winner. Catfish asked his young nephew Scrooge to help him, while Ribbit hired the dishonest Beaver Boys. After a wacky race, however, and thanks to Scrooge's efforts, Catfish won the mansion and the adjacent plantation.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ribbit was only ever seen in Once Upon a Dime, an episode of DuckTales.

Voice ActorsEdit