Riding Stable is a makeshift title for a comic strip written by Del Connell based on a joke invented by Carl Barks, penciled by Mike Arens and inked by Manuel Gonzales. The strip features Minnie Mouse.


Minnie Mouse has no intention of paying full price for a rental horse when the ride was so bumpy that she was only on the horse half the time!


  • Riding Stable retells the same joke as Carl Barks's Scrooge McDuck one-pager High Rider (1971), putting Minnie Mouse in the starring role instead of Scrooge McDuck — and thereby reimagining the claim as more of an angry protest than a clever way to weasel out of paying full price.

Behind the scenesEdit

This comic was only ever printed in English in the newspapers in March of 1971, though it has been reprinted in Germany and Italy a handful of times.

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