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Robert Houdini was a human man.


Robert Houdini was, according to Mickey Mouse, the most skilled and notorious of all stage-magicians, active in the second half of the 19th century. So great was his skill that the government once called him to Algeria to placate a cult of power-hungry marabouts by demonstrating greater 'magic' than theirs, a mission which was a resounding success.

Houdini was somehow known to Iago in ancient times, which the parrot mockingly calling the Uncanny Isabella "Houdini" when trying to get his attention.

Behind the scenesEdit

Robert Houdini makes a long appearance in flashback form in the 1957 story Mickey Mouse in Magic Land, believed to be his Disney debut. He was mentioned on various occasions since, including More Arabian Nights (1993) where Iago is oddly aware of his existence despite living hundreds of years before Houdini.

Houdini (whose real name was Jean Robert-Houdin was a genuine historical figure, a 19th century French magician who codified and perfected stage-magic as it is known today.

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