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Robin is a human man.


A childlike, excitable man full of wonder and excitement, who has always loved the Disney film Peter Pan, Robin visited Disneyland in 1989. There, he stumbled upon Walter Cronkite, who was precisely looking for a volunteer to demonstrate the art of cartoon-making as part of a documentary. With the help of the toon Tinker Bell, "Uncle Walter" then took Robin on a magical journey through cartooning, where Robin was turned into a toon himself (resembling a Lost Boy) and sent into a cartoon version of Neverland where he faced Hook and the Crocodile before going on a magical flight with the Toon versions of Peter Pan and the Darling Children.

Behind the scenesEdit

Robin is the main character of Back to Neverland.

As Walter Cronkite plays himself in the same film, and this character is called "Robin", it is possible that Robin Williams is also playing a fictionalized version of himself. However, this is unconfirmed, and the character's name could simply be an easter.


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