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The Robot Helpers are two sentient robots.


These two robotic assistants, described by Gyro Gearloose as "the strangest desert-rats he'd ever seen", were built by a disillusioned scientist who had decided to cast himself away from modern civilization and live in the desert as a hermit, only to discover he had no idea how to survive on his own in the harsh wilderness. In 1964, the Robot Helpers also rescued another scientist lost in the desert, Gyro Gearloose.

Behind the scenes

The Desert Wanderer's Robot Helpers were only ever seen in 1964 in the short comic story Man Versus Machine.

Radar the Robot

André Franquin's Radar the Robot.

Minus its trunk, the first Robot Helper (left in the page image) bears a certain resemblance to Radar the Robot, an iconic android created a decade prior in the Franco-Belgian Spirou & Fantasio series.

However, it is unlikely Barks would have known of Radar, as the comics hadn't yet been published in English in 1964; if not a coincidence, then it must be that both Barks and Franquin (the artist who designed Radar) were borrowing from the same, older source.