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The Robot Scouts were sentient robots.


Among the more advanced of X - Y + 2's Junk Robots were scouting units who wandered the streets of Duckburg, their cybernetic nature hidden by long black cloaks and hats. Mostly made of junk, and animated by a disembodied robotic mind of X-Minus's creation, the Scouts had camera-recorders in place of heads, with a live feed to their Master. Like the other Junk Robots, the Robot Scouts would disassemble themselves if trouble came by, appearing as no more than an innocuous pile of junk. Also like the Junk Robots, they were presumably deactivated when their master was taken down by Mickey Mouse.

Behind the scenes

The Robot Scouts were only ever seen in the 1967 story The Case of the Sinister Robot. However, they closely resemble Doctor Syclocks, another robot who disguised himself as a shady-looking human in a very similar way.