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Roger Rabbit is a male Toon resembling an anthropomorphic rabbit.


A highly successful Toon actor since the 1940's, Roger Rabbit resembles a kooky-looking anthropomorphic rabbit in red overalls. He is the costar of a series of cartoons produced by Maroon Cartoons where he acts as the nerve-wracked caretaker of a baby with an unfortunate knack for getting into trouble. The real Roger is not much different from the person he plays on screen, and is a true showman who'll start singing and doing routines just about anywhere, at any time. Roger is happily married to the extremely attractive Toon woman Jessica.

Accounts of Roger Rabbit's life prior to 1947 are conflicting. Several sources hold him to be one of the few Toons born of Toon parents, rather than drawn into existence; he would have grown up in a Midwest farm in the 1930's, before possibly becoming embroiled in an adventure battling the Nazis in 1943 over the course of which he met his future wife,[1] though other accounts differed on the point of his involvement in World War II, suggesting that Roger was, at the time, merely struggling with his career in Broadway and Hollywood,[2] and another tale holds that he met Jessica in 1942 while embroiled in some sort of adventure with Mickey Mouse.[3]

Behind the scenes

Roger Rabbit was first seen in 1988 in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He is closely based on the character of the same name in Gary K. Wolf's original novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, though with the notable difference that the ending twist of the book was that Roger was actually the murderer and had not been framed, whereas the film version is wholly innocent.

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Notes and References

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