The "Rollerpin Martian" is a martian from the 2017 Continuum.

Description Edit

The "Rollerpin Martian" is a creature from the 2017 Continuum's Mars. It walks on its hind legs, has a cylindrical torso (shaped like a roller pin) which spins as it walks and is covered with white down. It posses a long trunk (essential for feats of engineering) and a long neck. It can hide itself from sight by sucking itself up into its own trunk. At an unknown point, it visited the Yonder Galaxy. Interestingly, the Prime Universe writer Herbert George Wells, when seriously speculating on what Martians might look like (as opposed to his fanciful fictional take on them), ended up drawing the exact picture of the Rollerpin Martian.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Rollerpin Martian was shown as a possible, fictional inhabitant of Mars thought up by Herbert George Wells in a segment of Mars and Beyond. In the opening theme of Wander Over Yonder it can be seen alongside other inhabitants of planets in the Yonder Galaxy, indicating that it actually exists on the Mars of the 2017 Continuum. It may, in fact, be an entire species inhabiting the planet instead of a singular specimen.

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