Room for a Thousand is a comic story written & drawn by Eric Jones. It features the Ghost Host, Edgar the Raven, Constance Hatchaway, George Hightower, the Floating Candelabra, Purply Shroud, the Clock Claw, Madame Leota, the Hatbox Ghost, the Beating Heart Bride, the Shadow Pianist, the Beheaded Knight, Gus, the Executioner, Harriet, Horace the Caretaker, the Knight of the Living Dead, King Tut, and the Phantom. “Theobald” makes his debut.


A new ghost has come at the Haunted Mansion, hoping to become its #1000 happy haunt. Frightened and bashful, the strange little man makes his way through the labyrinthine house, slowly gaining in confidence…


Behind the scenesEdit

This story only ever published in October of 2005 in SLG's The Haunted Mansion #1.

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