Roscoe is a non-anthropomorphic reindeer.


A good-natured, strong reindeer, Roscoe is a well-bred reindeer who was offered up as the prize of a charity lottery in 1950's Duckburg. He was accidentally won by Gladstone Gander (who'd entered the lottery out of habit but had no idea how to handle the beast). Gladstone handed over the "brute" to Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, who wanted him to pull their sleigh uphill. They had to use various subterfuges to get Donald to accept this "large new pet", but eventually found an old piece of the Code of Duckburg that forced Donald not to part with Roscoe until next Spring as long as he received him as a Christmas present. Where he went after that is unknown, also some theorize he might have gone either to Grandma Duck's farm or to Scrooge McDuck's private zoo.

Behind the scenesEdit

Roscoe only ever appeared in the story The Code of Duckburg, written in 1956 but first printed in 1958.

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