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Roxanne Featherly is an anthropomorphic duck from the 2017 Continuum.


A famous TV reporter in Duckburg, Roxanne Featherly often reports on Scrooge McDuck's adventures, even knowing about rare details such as his defeat of Medusa. Though she claims to be a fan of his, she is ultimately an amoral, greedy figure who is completely fine with twisting the truth and publically humiliating Scrooge if this seems to be what would get her the most viewership. In doing so, she isn't above listening to Flintheart Glomgold

Behind the scenes

Roxanne Feathelry first appeared in 2017 in Woo-oo!, the pilot of DuckTales 2017. She one of the characters specifically created for the series, who presumably does not have a counterpart in the regular universe, though she serves the same narrative role as Webra Walters.

Roxanne Featherly's feathers are green. As in real-life, only male mallards have green feathers, this has led some to theorize that Roxanne may actually be transgender. If true, this would make her the first openly such character in Disney comics-related media, and possibly in Disney media in general.

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