Rumpus McFowl is a male anthropomorphic duck.


Donald Duck's uncle, Rumpus McFowl is a lazy, gluttonous man who has neither the finesse of Jubal Pomp nor the laid-back, simple needs of Gus Goose, leading him to mooch off Donald, Scrooge and more. Though raised as a more distant relative of the main Duck family members, Rumpus is secretly Scrooge McDuck's half-brother as well as his cousin, being the son of his father Fergus McDuck and his maternal aunt Miss O'Drake.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rumpus was created in 1994 by William Van Horn in It's All Relative, but was only later revealed to be a sibling of Scrooge's. Interestingly, though Van Horn has used him many times — to the point of making him a recurring character — he has almost never been used by other authors.

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