Safety Deposit Box
Scrooge opening his Safety Deposit Box (at his right).
Vital Statistics
Type Strongbox
Era Post-Confederation Era?
Civilization Canadian?
Estimated Price  ???
Magical? No

The Safety Deposit Box is a box that Scrooge has owned through the decades and which plays a vital role in "The Prisoner of White Agony Creek ".


The box is first seen to be used by Scrooge in his Klondike days .

He generally kept it near him, as it contained the deed to his claim on the White Agony Creek . Goldie had it set as her goal to steal it, along with the deed during her stay in the White Agony Creek .

After an incident where Goldie lost a "golden lock " of her hair, Scrooge kept that there, too.

Goldie stole the box for a short time, but eventually returned it when she found the golden lock.

Many decades from that later, around the 1950s, the box still exists, and Scrooge had been using it to contain the Killmotor Hill Deed , his Gold Egg Nugget and the golden lock.

Known ContentsEdit

Content Placed Since
White Agony Creek Deed Spring 1897
Goose Egg Nugget Later Spring 1897 (prior to events leading to "The Prisoner of the White Agony Creek ")
Golden Lock Later Spring 1897 (during the events of "The Prisoner of White Agony Creek ")
Killmotor Hill Deed December 1899
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