Salamander City was an ancient city.


"Thousands of years" before 1965, Salamander City was a vaguely Hellenistic city-state ruled by the tyrannical Salamander the Great. Salamander once thought to wage war on the younger, nearby city of Petras, to satisfy the whim he had to issue commemorative pennies for a military victory of his.

Salamander's design was originally successful until history was unwittingly changed by Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck, averting the Battle of Petras and leaving Petras to eventually celebrate its 100th anniversary, ironically issuing a 100-Year Penny to celebrate it.

Interestingly, Petras seemed to be solely inhabited by an ethnicity of sharp-beaked anthropomorphic birds, as opposed to Salamander City, exclusively home to anthropomorphic dogs.

Behind the scenesEdit

Salamander City is a major setting in the 1965 comic story Battle of Petras.

Petras appears to be loosely based on the notorious historical city of Petra, whose earliest point of historical relevance was indeed an unsuccessful attempt by a Greek city to conquer it. Although that city in question was not named any variation of Salamander City as such, the assault was led by Antigonus I, the father of Alexander the Great, for whom Salamander the Great is named. The uniforms worn by the Salamandrian soldiers do vaguely resemble Greco-Roman armor.

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