Salamander the Great was a male dognose.


The egotistical ruler of the ancient Salamander City, Salamander the Great once schemed to invade Petras and then issue commemorative coins known as Battle of Petras Pennies to celebrate the Salamandrians' victory. These events did transpire originally, with one Penny finding its way to the Duckburg Museum of Ancient Stuff by 1965. However, these events were accidentally erased from history by Scrooge McDuck when he traveled back in time to slightly before the Battle in an effort to obtain a brand-new Penny — in the revised timeline, the Superspy managed to get back to Prince Petra to warn him of Salamander's intentions, and the Battle never happened, with Petras enduring long enough to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Behind the scenesEdit

Salamander the Great appears in the 1965 story Battle of Petras as, functionally, its main villain.

Why he and his rival Petra seemingly share their names with the nations they rule is unclear; writer Vic Lockman would again use a similar set-up in the 1965 story Trip to Tootum-Too, where King Tootum-Too reigns over the city of Tootum-Too.

It would appear that his name is a play on that of Alexander the Great.

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