Saludos Amigos is a 1942 film that utilizes animation and live-action scenes. It features Pedro, Goofy, Donald Duck, and José Carioca.


Employees at Walt Disney Studios tour South America, drawing along the way as they soak up South American culture.


  • Donald Duck and José Carioca first met in Brazil.
  • During the events of Aquarela do Brasil, Donald carried a card with a black spade on one side and his information on the other side. The card indicated he lived in Hollywood. José carried a similar card which gave his home as Rio de Jainero, Brasil.


  • The Three Caballeros (1944) is something of a sequel to this film. It is also a film that honors Latin American culture and uses Donald Duck as something of a symbol for the American viewer: eagerly learning and experiencing the wonders of Latin America. José Carioca also reappears in The Three Caballeros, and he already knows Donald, confirming that the film takes place chronologically after Saludos Amigos or, at least, the Aquarela do Brasil segment of Saludos Amigos, where Donald and José are shown meeting each other for the first time.
  • Donald references the events of Aquarela do Brasil in Two Happy Amigos (1960), saying to José, "Hey, remember when you taught me the samba?"


Behind the scenes

Saludos Amigos is based on the real-life tour Walt Disney and roughly twenty of his studio members took through South America. It consists of footage, narration, and some animation explaining the tour. In addition, four short animated stories or segments are used to portray various aspects of South American culture: Lake Titicaca, Pedro, Gaucho Goofy, and Aquarela do Brasil.[1]

Notes and References

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