Sans Souci Gardens is a park somewhere in the U.S.A., possibly in Calisota.


Sans Souci Gardens is an extremely pleasant, almost idyllic park whose attractions include a small lake on which one can sail rowboats, small wooded areas, and at least one carousel. In early 2019, Mickey Mouse elected to take his girlfriend there on a date, but found it ruined by the relentless pursuit of the vengeful Toll Booth whom the mice had wronged on the way there. They were eventually able to pacify the mechanical beast, with the help of Goofy, who happened to have taken a job in Sans Souci as a balloon salesman and gave Mickey the change he needed to pay the Toll Booth its due.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sans Souci Gardens ("sans souci" being French for "carefree") appears in the 2019 For Whom the Booth Tolls. The cartoon does not clarify where the park exists in relation to Mickey's home city, though since Goofy works there, it is probable that it is in Calisota.

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