Santa Claus in Neverland is a comic story written by Frank Reilly and drawn by Floyd Gottfredson. It features Santa Claus, Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Tinker Bell, the Neverland Mermaids, the Neverland Indian Tribe, Captain Hook and Mr Smee.


Watching over the North Pole from Neverland with an enchanted telescope, Peter Pan witnesses Santa Claus's village being wiped out of existence by a flood. He comes to rescue old Kris Kringle and take him safely to Neverland where he can start anew to build the toys, with the help of all the locals, Lost Boys, Mermaids and Indians alike. Captain Hook, however, has other plans.

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was serialized, one strip a day, all through the month of December 1968 in various American newspapers. It was then reprinted in the Disney's Christmas Classics hardcover.

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