Saturnians are a species of alien, sentient humanoid beings.

Description Edit

The Saturnians were the native inhabitants of the planet Saturn in the Solar System. Tall humanoids with large green skin and long limbs, they had elastic bodies, allowing them to survive being flattened to a sheet if necessary, though the experience was still painful to them.

Though possessing very advanced technology, the Saturnian civilization underwent a steady decline over the last thousand years, as the tyranny of Supreme Leader Rebo drove them to wage unending war on Jupiter (and, on occasions, other planets such as Earth). By 1960, the entire species had been exterminated with the exception of Rebo himself and of two high-ranking officers of his army. However, this did not deter the dictator, who continues to formulate new schemes to conquer Earth and Jupiter to this day, abducting alien scientists to construct new weapons and robots for him if needed.

List of SaturniansEdit

List of Saturnians

Behind the scenes Edit

The Saturnians first appeared in the 1936 story Saturn Against the Earth.

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