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Saturnian Cats are a species of alien animals.


Found on the planet Saturn, Saturnian Cats are its equivalent to Earth's regular cats. Playful but gifted with a ravenous appetite, they have goggly eyes and no visible nose, but are otherwise quite similar to Earth cats. Some are gray while others are green, and some specimens present spots or stripes. Like humans on Earth, some Saturnians own cats as pets; for example, Supreme Leader Rebo has a small gray cat, besides owning several larger specimens as part of his menagerie. Having found the threat effective against Earthlings, Rebo would often threaten prisoners with shrinking them and then feeding them to one or more cats.

Behind the scenes

Rebo's Cat debuted in the 1960 Uncle Scrooge's Money Rocket, and several more were seen in The Return of Rebo.