The Saturnian Saucer was a Saturnian self-driving spaceship owned by Rebo.


This golden Saturnian spaceship, capable of steering itself like a drone, was sent by Rebo to Earth in 1995 to collect children's toys to use as inspiration for novel weapon designs. It had a vacuum-like "hoover" to load up toys, and its inside dimensions were "elastic" with not much care given to making said internal dimensions match the external shape.

After fulfilling its mission, the Saucer, due to its fortuitous resemblance between to a fake flying saucer built by Gyro Gearloose for Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck as part of a scheme, ended up accidentally taking Scrooge and Donald along on the return trip, taking both its cargo and its two stowaways aboard the Saturnian Mothership. It is presumed that the Saucer was destroyed alongside the Mothership itself when Rebo unwittingly flew the ship into the Sun.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Saturnian Saucer appears in the 1995 story The Return of Rebo. It is not clarified whether it was a unique piece of technology, built specifically as part of Rebo's plan, or if it was an example of a widespread type of Saturnian engineering.

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