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The Scepter of Shapur is a magical artifact of dubious origin.


This magical golden scepter of unknown origin was the source of the prosperity of the ancient city of Shapur, being an enormously powerful (and easy to use) item capable of creating lifelike illusions, erase memories, and produce genuine magical effects, such as extending lifespan indefinitely. After the inhabitants of Shapur, bored with their tiny corner of utopia, scattered through the world to explore, the high priestess Katima was left with the Scepter, which she was to use to conceal the abandoned Shapur's continued existence and treasures to explorers.

Behind the scenes

The Scepter of Shapur was only ever seen in the 2017 story The Secret of Shapur.

The Scepter's origins are never delved into; it is possible that it has Atlantean origins.