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Old "Scotty" McDuck was an anthropomorphic duck who, if he ever existed in his own right, was likely native to an alternate timeline to the Prime Universe.


According to certain accounts, business magnate Scrooge McDuck's father was not hard-working, whiskered Fergus McDuck, but a severe-looking bearded duck who proudly wore the McDuck Tartan, known as Old "Scotty" McDuck.[1] One source shows Fergus to have sometimes been nicknamed "Scotty", but makes no effort to explain the discrepancy in physical appearance.[2]

Other sources report that Scrooge's father was a rich man, who gave him twenty million pounds when he finished school so he could get started in business,[3] had owned McDuck Manor before him, filling it with buried treasure because he "didn't trust banks",[4] and was still active in 1912, he reupholstered the McDuck Heirloom Chair with tax-free banknotes.[5] It is likely that these things should be attributed to Scotty, as they are uncharacteristic, and, in the last case, flat-out impossible, for Fergus McDuck to have accomplished.

There also existed a version of Scotty in the 2017 Continuum. That universe's version of Webbigail Vanderquack, having spent years researching the history of Clan McDuck, had reached the conclusion that her Scotty McDuck may have originated from an alternate timeline, which, if true, is probably also true of the Prime Universe Scotty McDuck.

Behind the scenes

Carl Barks's first Duck Family Tree was the first appearance of Scotty McDuck.

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