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“Canon” is originally a Biblical term, later applied
to Sherlock Holmes and later still to fictional universes in general. It stems from the idea that a large mass of stories featuring the same places and characters can be read as more than a loosely-connected bunch of 'possible' tales, but rather, as “historical texts” describing various events that happen in a single, self-consistent fictional universe at various
of space and time.

 This Wiki strives to present one such coherent fictional universe, wrenched from the extremely large corpus of Disney comics, cartoons, video games, novels, and more. Like with most large fictional mythos, the Disney Comics Universe's various authors don't all care for a strictly consistent universe, and so it is fraught with Continuity Issues. Between "what-ifs", stories meant as 'true' as any other but later ignored or contradicted, parallel universe, and simple mistakes, it soon becomes necessary to create a "canon": a policy of what, when material contradicts other material, should be considered the "true" version
of events
when describing the Disney comics universe
in general in other parts of the wiki.

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