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Personal attacks are, perhaps obviously,
forbidden on this Wiki, and this whether they are aimed at other editors or at other real people, though we are, of
course, somewhat harsher on attacks on private people
than on “celebrities”. If you think you have been the subject
of a personal attack, go to an administrator, who will take
appropriate action.
Admins also reserve the right to identify personal attacks even in the absence of complaints, though if you are the target of an admin-identified “personal attack” and don't feel offended by it, please speak up; this will clear the supposed-attacker of all charges. (This is because personal attacks are things which offend people, not things which might possibly offend people.)
If you have been accused of being guilty of a personal attack, but feel that your words have been misunderstood, explain yourself to the “victim” and the administrator ruling the case; we're quite willing to see reason. If a joke was taken too seriously,
no one needs get hurt over it.

You may be wondering: what's a personal attack, anyway?
Well, first, exercise some common sense. But here are some examples: vicious ad hominem jabs, insults (especially NSFW ones) and ascribing malicious motives to people all count as personal attacks.

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