Scrooge's Bat is a non-anthropomorphic bat belonging to Scrooge McDuck.


This bat was originally part of the swarm of guardian bats trained by Duckesque's Butler according to the special method devised centuries earlier by his ancestors. The bats could be summoned with a whistle to fight off thieves who went after Count Duckesque's treasure.

After the Count's American relatives Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck helped him find (and gain ownership of) his ancestor's treasure, the thankful man gave Scrooge one of the bats to help ward him against the thieves who often bothered Scrooge, namely the American Beagle Boys. The bat proved not only an efficient watchman, but also a loyal and cuddly pet who took a liking to a reluctant Donald.

Behind the scenesEdit

This nameless bat only ever appeared in the 1986 story Donald Duck and the Adventure in Transylvania.

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