Scrooge's Dodo

Scrooge's Dodo is a non-anthropomorphic dodo bird.


Believed to be the last of a kind (Wonderland's Dodo aside), this bored-looking Dodo was acquired by Scrooge McDuck in some unknown fashion prior to 1964 and became one of the attractions in his zoo. His cage is right next to the Giant Worms', more or less facing the Politician Bird's.

Behind the scenes

Dodos Comparison.jpg
Comparison between the two Dodos.
The Dodo makes a brief appearance in the first panel of the 1964 story The Billion Dollar Safari.

Interestingly, while the original 1964 coloring of the story (pictured above) makes the Dodo a tame brownish color, a lter printing gave him much more outlandish colors that make him resemble the famous Warner Bros. cartoon rendition of a Dodo bird, Yoyo Dodo, whose debut cartoon predated the Barks story by 26 years. 

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