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Scrooge's shoeshine kit is an object belonging to Scrooge McDuck.


A paltry-looking, cobbled-together shoeshine kit played a major part in the beginnings of Scrooge McDuck's life, as he used it in 1877 to shine a ditchdigger's boots, thereby earning his Number One Dime, and subsequently throughout his 'career' as a shoeshine boy.

According to one account, this kit was given to him for his tenth birthday by his father Fergus McDuck, though one of Scrooge's biographies had once speculated that it had mostly been handmade by Scrooge himself.

Behind the scenes

The item was first seen in 1967 in Chairman of the Bored.

Though Jack L. Chalker's 1974 An Informal Biography of Scrooge McDuck had speculated that it was handmade by young Scrooge himself, Don Rosa later revealed via The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck that the kit was gifted to him by his father instead. It is easy to reconcile the two accounts, as the Informal Biography sets itself as an in-universe biography written by a historian with incomplete information, thus allowing that some of the details in it may be mistaken.