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Scrooge McDuck is a male anthropomorphic duck and Scrooge McDuck's counterpart in Sir Donald's World.

Description Edit

This version of Scrooge McDuck was identical in biography up to 2002, when his nephew Donald won 20 million dollars in the lottery and subsequently became a successful businessman known as Sir Donald. Scrooge subsequently took Sir Donald under his wing, pleased to see him following in his footsteps; for instance, in 2003, he made deals with him concerning oil wells.

In 2003, Gyro Gearloose's Alternate Life Machine transferred the Prime Universe's Donald Duck to Sir Donald's World. Donald, unaware of what had transpired between his counterpart and that version of Scrooge, was pleasantly surprised to hear Scrooge cordially talking to him over the phone and inviting him to dinner (as Scrooge believed he was talking to Sir Donald).

Behind the scenesEdit

This version of Scrooge first appeared in 2003 in Donald Duck and the Alternate Lives.

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