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In the behind-the-scenes section of stories on the Scrooge McDuck Wiki, we list all their English-language printing, as well as their first printing even if it was in a foreign language. The following guidelines dictate how to number issues, as this can be a tricky business. 

  • Titles are to be referred to by their most common name. Thus, Uncle Scrooge, not Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge; but Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, not Disney Comics and Stories (let alone Comics and Stories). Similarly, issues of Donald Duck with the title Donald Duck & Friends are still to be referred to as Donald Duck, as they have continuity of numbering with the Donald Duck line. 
  • Use legacy numbering. Thus, modern IDW issues of Uncle Scrooge must be counted based on the same line that began in 1953 — putting the current tally at several hundreds — rather than from the new numbering established by IDW's "Uncle Scrooge #1" in 2015. 
    • The above applies even when legacy numbering is not given. The few modern IDW-printed Walt Disney Showcase are #49, #50, etc., not #1, #2, etc., even if IDW did not make the legacy numbering explicit.
    • Be careful, though: not all identically-titled comics are "the same". For example, the 2015 Marvel The Haunted Mansion miniseries is not part of the same line as SLG's anthology title from the 2000's; the Marvel series was a self-contained miniseries containing just one story, which happened to be titled The Haunted Mansion, not an attempt to reinstate a regular Haunted Mansion book.