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The Peeweegahs are a race of

sentient humanoid beings.

Description Edit

Deep inside the Northern Forest

In the Forest in Canada

Past the stream and past the sturgeon

Lived the tribe of the Peeweegah

Peacefully lived the Peeweegah

Nice and peaceful, the Peeweegah

Till one day a paleduck miser

Scrooge Mac-Duck the greedy miser

Came to take all their land from them

Take it all and keep it from them

So, at least, thought the Peeweegahs

Fled they from their village therefore

Fled from they, Mac-Duck and family

Till Mac-Duck had a chat with them

Sat and talked then, talked right to them

Told them that he only wanted

Peace and escape from his city

Noisy, dirty, smoggy city

And to prove it, his poor nephew

Donald Duck, his poor young nephew

Fought a beast for the Peeweegahs

Fought -and won!- for the Peeweegahs

(with some help from some powder of

the Oxidized Strombolium)

Then Scrooge Mac-Duck shared a peace pipe

With the chief of the Peeweegahs

After some years, just a few years

Mac-Duck returned to the Peeweegahs

Returned to check on smelly wigwam

Which belched poison smoke on forest

The Peeweegahs kidnapped Mac-Duck

Told him to close down his "pulp mill"

Mac-Duck agreed and Donald destroyed

A large monster to prove their truth

But foreman Ravage DeFlora

Evil, scheming, rude DeFlora

Would not close the poison wigwam

Refused -refused!- to close the wigwam

Pumped more poison to the forest

Poison and smog to the forest

Till the animals revolted

At the urging of Peeweegahs,

Built a dam in front of wigwam

Great big dam in front of wigwam

Came then Chief of the Peeweegahs

Came then to release the dam, and

To destroy the poison wigwam

Knowing that it would break the vow

Of Peeweegahs against violence

Knowing that to save the forest

The sacred vow must be broken

But then out of chaos came he;

Scrooge Mac-Duck from chaos came he

Would not let Peeweegahs break vow

Broke the dam instead, himself, then

Then destroyed was poison wigwam

Much destroyed then poison wigwam

And over the din and chaos

Called Scrooge: "Ravage DeFlora

I don't know if you can hear me

But;" he called out, "You are fired!"

Then Peeweegahs knew Scrooge Mac-Duck

Could yet learn the ways of nature;

Could yet save it from the greedy

Hands of destroyers of nature

Signaled birds then, the Peeweegah,

told them to place crown on Duck head

Crown all woven of wildflowers

Behind the scenes Edit

The Peeweegahs first appeared in

The Great Carl Barks' classic story

Title: "Land of the Pygmy Indians"

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