This page is meant to be used by users who wish to request rights on the Scrooge McDuck Wiki.

Creating a request

To create a request, enter "Scrooge McDuck Wiki:[Right name] request/[Your username]" into the box, then click "Create page". For example, a user named "Donald Duck" requesting Admin rights would put: "Scrooge McDuck Wiki:Admin request/Donald Duck". Then, write your request in the box that appears, and click "Publish". The Scrooge McDuck wiki staff will then review your request.


  • To request rights, users must have consistently edited the wiki for at least one month, and their edits must be useful contributions to the wiki
  • Users should only request the right a level above their current right, for example, they should not request Admin rights unless they are already a Content Moderator.

Request Chat Moderator rights

Chat Moderators moderate Wiki chat and block users who do not follow the chat rules.

Request Content Moderator rights

Content Moderators moderate pages to be sure that they are up to the Scrooge McDuck Wiki standards and do not contain any spam or trolling.

Request Admin rights

Admins have access to tools which can be used to help manage the wiki.

Request Bureaucrat rights

Bureaucrats can grant rights to other users.
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