Scrooge McDuck Wikia

Willful failure to follow these rules can and most likely will result in being blocked.

Basic Rules

  • Absolutely NO bad or inappropriate language (except in the unlikely event that it is a direct quote from an official Disney comic).  Any bad or rude language will be undone and the user immediately blocked. Remember, this is a wiki about a kid-friendly franchise.
  • Respect other users and be kind.
  • No nonsense edits. These will be undone and the user will be warned.
  • Do not change the name of a page unless it has bad spelling or you discussed it with an Admin first.
  • When you create a page, write more than one sentence on it, and if possible put a picture. Otherwise it will be deleted. We prefer long, thought-out pages that hopefully won't need extensive future editing than creating a page quickly as just a stub.
  • Do your best. If you are not very good at spelling or grammar, that's okay, you'll get better. Just do the best you possibly can, and if something needs to be fixed up, someone else can fix it.
  • Do not delete a page on your own, unless it is obviously nonsensical trolling, even if you are an admin. If you think a page ought to be deleted, organize a vote about it in the Forum. 

Special Rules


  • Do not use Discuss: If you want to talk with other members of the wiki, leave a message on their talk page or use Forums or Discord.