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The Wiki Awards!

On this page are held the results of the annual Wiki Awards ceremony, along with the rules of the Awards.

Rules Edit

  1. The users of the wiki can vote for another user of their choice in each of the award categories. The user with the most votes in a category will be named the winner of the award and given a template which they may add to their user page. They will also be listed as the winner of the award on this page.
  2. Users may not vote for themselves.
  3. Votes can be cast on the Scrooge McDuck Wiki Discord server ( in the newly created Wiki Awards channel, or in the comments of this message:
  4. If any category has a tie vote, the winner will be decided by the administrative staff of the Wiki.

Award Categories Edit

The Award Categories are:

  1. Best Member: awarded to a user who has made valuable contributions to the Wiki over the past year
  2. Best New Member: awarded to a user who has recently joined the wiki (within the past year) who has become a valuable contributor to the Wiki
  3. Best Ambassador: awarded to a user of one of the Wiki's inter-language counterparts (Picsou Wiki, PaperPedia, Kalle Anka Sverige Wiki, and ΚΟΜΙΞ Wiki) who has assisted greatly in adding inter-wiki links to Scrooge McDuck Wiki pages (note: the user nominated for this award does not actually have to have the Ambassador role)
  4. Best Administrator: awarded to a user with the administrator role deemed to be eligible for the award by the wiki community
  5. Best Idea: awarded to a user who has had an idea or several ideas which have been implemented to great effect on the Wiki
  6. Wiki Helper: awarded to a user who has helped the Wiki greatly in a way which does not fit into the above categories.

In addition to the above, there is also the Administrator's Award, awarded by the administrators of the Wiki to one user they wish to recognize for an achievement.

You do not have to vote in every category - if a category receives no votes it will simply not be used.

First Annual Wiki Awards Edit

The First Annual Wiki Awards ran from July the 3rd, 2019 to July the 20th, 2019.

Winners Edit

In addition to these, the 2019 Administrator's Award has been awarded to "Ducktor Who", for adding a link to the Anthropomorphic Duck page to every page about an anthropomorphic duck.

The individual votes for each award can be viewed here: Votes for the Wiki Awards.

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