Scrooge and the Magic Fish is an illustrated text story. It features Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, and the Magic Fish.

Description Edit

Scrooge McDuck, while participating in the Duckburg Millionaire's Club's fishing contest, catches a Magic Fish which offers to grant him any wish in exchange for its freedom. Scrooge accepts, but soon learns the disadvantages of being too greedy....

Behind the scenes Edit

Scrooge and the Magic Fish was published as book #12 of the Walt Disney Beginner Reader Fun-To-Read Library in 1986. The story is based on either The Fisherman and His Wife by the Brothers Grimm, or The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish by Alexander Pushkin (or perhaps both).

The story contains what may be two references to Carl Barks stories (although such a thing was very unusual in books such as these, and they may simply be coincidences); Scrooge continually refers to himself throughout the story as being "Only a poor old duck" (in a possible reference to Only a Poor Old Man), and, when he tells the Magic Fish that he wishes to be king, he adds that he will be "King Scrooge the First, to be exact".

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