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Barney[1], better known as Scuttle, is an anthropomorphic dog.


Scuttle (whose most recognizable features are his long snout and his bushy beard, although he has been known to trim the latter on occasions, presumably to throw off the police) is a petty thief and generally not particularly fearsome criminal (being more the slippery kind always on the edge of illegality, resurfacing here and there as the henchmen of other, more ambitious criminals). Scuttle goes by a variety of nicknames ("Scuttle" only being the one he uses most often), and usually teams up with Peg-Leg Pete. Scuttle has a nearly identical brother with whom he sometimes "works". Although he is, by default, a long-time foe of Mickey Mouse through his association with Pete, Scuttle does not appear to bear any ill-will against Mickey personally.

Behind the scenes

Scuttle first appeared in the 1951 story Donald Duck Captures the Range Rustlers.

Scuttle's unending name changes is comparable to that of Argus McSwine in Carl Barks's stories.

Voice Actors

Notes and References

  1. In the 1961 Backwoods Bugaboo he was referred to as Barney, the only name taken by Scuttle that does not appear to be some sort of nickname.