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Sea-salt ice cream is a flavor of ice cream available across the multiverse.


Sea-salt ice cream (which is, as its name implies, sea-salt-flavored ice cream) exists across many various universes.

In the Heart Kingdoms, sea-salt ice cream was Scrooge McDuck's favorite ice cream flavor in childhood, although the recipe for it was later lost. It was recreated by McDuck himself years later, and became a very popular flavor in the worlds of Twilight Town and Radiant Garden. It is the favorite flavor of the Nobodies Axel and Roxas, and, of course, of Scrooge, who runs a shop which sells the snack. It is typically sold on a stick in a popsicle-like form, and is light blue in colour.

In the 2017 Continuum, sea-salt ice cream also exists, although its popularity there is unknown. As in the Heart Kingdoms, it is the favorite dessert of the Continuum's version of Scrooge McDuck, who enjoys eating a scoop of it on top of a slice of apple pie. This fact was utilized in 2018 by Mrs. Beakley when she served the desert to Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck and Donald Duck in an attempt to guilt them into forgiving Scrooge for his involvement in the Spear of Selene incident. This universe's version of the ice cream is white and has visible flecks of sea-salt in it.


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Behind the scenes

The in-universe version of sea-salt ice cream first appeared in Kingdom Hearts.

Sea-salt ice cream at Tokyo DisneySea, the inspiration for the in-universe ice cream.

It was inspired by the sea-salt ice cream available at the Tokyo DisneySea park, a favorite of Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura.