Semiramis is a possible name for a "mysterious plant lady", a female plant person.


Semiramis, better known as "the Flower-Woman" or "Plant-Lady", is a crazy gardener who lived in a bulb-shaped building in Mouseton, where she grew various precious and rare plants. Unexplainedly, Semiramis is herself part-flower, having a noseless head circled with orange petals and having a green skin; whether she was born this way or was transformed into it through magic or science is unknown. Semiramis also has a certain measure of control over plants, and had robotically-engineered plants as security guards in her greenhouse. The vilainess was arrested by Mickey Mouse and Eega Beeva after capturing Eega's pet comet.

Behind the scenesEdit

Semiramis only ever appeared in the 1992 story Topolino e la Cometa Beta, but she has gained a great popularity on the Internet, where primarily non-Disney comic author Gaucelm has dubbed her Semiramis.


Semiramis's backstory is never explored. However, it is a distinct possibility that she was turned into a plant/human hybrid through a similar process to what turned Dr. Reginald Bushroot into a hybrid of anthropmorphic duck and matrimony vine. Mickey Mouse also refers to Semiramis as a "witch", which could also explain her outlandish appearance, though he may have only meant to insult her.

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