The Seven-Eyes Man is a strange, vaguely humanoid monster


This strange individual is a pudgy man in a nice suit (complete with bowler hat), with a wide bald face, a pair of vampire-like fangs, no nose, and, perhaps his most recognizable feature, seven eyes instead of two. Whatever he is and wherever he came from, the Seven-Eyes Man is recognized as one of the many worldwide self-declared “monsters” who frequent such haunts as Halloween Town and the Hotel Transylvania. Staying at the latter in 2004, he was, like all other customers, supportive of the amazingly competent concierge Donald Duck, giving him a wide smile as Donald passed him in the course of his duties.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Seven-Eyes Man only ever appeared in 2004 in Hotel Transylvania.

It is possible he has some connection to the Nine-Eyes Woman, another monster guest of the Hotel Transylvania who is briefly seen in the story, though the Nine-Eyes Woman is much more human-like in appearance than him. 

Like many monsters who stayed at (or worked for) the Hotel Transylvania, it is possible that the Seven-Eyes Man originally came from the X-Dimension, rather than being native to Earth.

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