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The Shadow Blot, also known as the Blot's Shadow, is a giant male blotling.


The largest, smartest and most powerful blotling in existence, the Shadow Blot posed as the true Blot after its creator had been sealed into the Jug, assuming command of the Blotling Army in its place and allying itself with the Mad Doctor as the true Blot had done before.

Together with the Doctor, the Blot's Shadow schemed to escape Wasteland. To do so, they needed a magical Heart; using its shapeshifting abilities, the Shadow Blot elongated its arms to near-infinity and managed to project them out of Wasteland, through Yen Sid's Mirror and finally into Mickey Mouse's bedroom. The Blot then pulled the unfortunate mouse back into Wasteland, partially merging with him in the process (which left Mickey with some of the Shadow's substance absorbed into himself), but was scared off when Mickey revealed he held the Magic Paintbrush, allowing Mickey to escape the clutches of the Doctor.

After many adventures in Wasteland, Mickey finally confronted the Shadow at Mickeyjunk Mountain, where the Shadow was waiting for him to prevent Mickey from reaching King Oswald. After an arduous battle, Mickey managed to Paintbrush-spray the Blot's Shadow with enough Paint to turn him good, and even cuddly. The Shadow then flew off to parts unknown and kept to himself ever after.

Behind the scenes

The Shadow Blot was created for Epic Mickey. He also appears in Epic Mickey: The Graphic Novel, naturally, though the Grapic Novel strangely omitted the Mickeyjunk Mountain battle from its narrative, leaving the Shadow's final fate unknown.

As with most boss battles in Epic Mickey, the Shadow can be defeated both with Paint and Thinner during the Mickeyjunk Mountain battle. However, not much is made of the Shadow's death by Thinner, whereas an entire cutscene follows its being redeemed; the latter is thus considered the canonical path out of the two.

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