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The Shadow Colossus, also known as the Shadowlossus, was a robot.


The Shadow Colossus was a fearsome war machine created by Doctor Malvazar and his organization in order to take over the world. Malvazar had based his Colossus on Chares of Lindos's plans for the Colossus of Rhodes, but still needed the Black Disk (containing the war-related programmings) of the original to kick off his world-overtaking. As soon as he obtained the Disk, he launched his attack, but it was delayed by the real Colossus of Rhodes, who, executing its primary mission of protecting Rhodes from invasions, fought tooth and nail against its evil counterpart. The Shadow Colossus was stronger and eventually succeeded, but not for long; for Malvazar, in his slavish copying of the original Colossus's design, had also reproduced the failsafe that prevented the Colossus from being abused for war. The Shadow Colossus short-circuited and eventually collapsed into the sea, taking the Horde of the Violet Hare's high-tech flagship with it.

Behind the scenes

The Shadow Colossus of Rhodes was first seen in the 2005 story Mickey Mouse and the Shadow of the Colossus.