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Sylvester J. Sharkey, more commonly known as Lawyer Sharky, is an anthropomorphic rat. He is a lawyer who often tries to persuade people to be the emperor of North America.

Description Edit

Lawyer Sharky is ruthless and evil. He was the lawyer of Azure Blue in his plan to control North America (and later the world) but failed. He then tried with Mr. Billups but he was too tired. He then persuaded Donald Duck to be emperor of North America and convinced him to murder his own nephews by leaving them to die on a iceberg. The kids survived and Donald changed his mind. Sharky then tried to make himself Emperor of North America but was hit by a fish by Huey, Dewey and Louie. He later again attempted to take over the world using multiple ancient artifacts, but again failed.

Behind the scenes Edit

Sharky first appeared in 1952 in The Golden Helmet, by Carl Barks. He may have been inspired by the similar-looking Sylvester Shyster, who is only a little bit more evil than him.

Sharky was also meant to appear in His Majesty, McDuck but was replaced with Akers McCovet.

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