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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. The Sheriff of Heela City is an anthropomorphic dog.


This burly dog was the Sheriff of the otherwise-lawless Far West outpost Heela City in 1930. Unforgiving of even small-time criminals (such as Oswald Rabbit), the Sheriff had a soft spot for his young son, who happily assisted his “Dad” in capturing outlaws if he had the chance.

Behind the scenes

The Sheriff is the main antagonist of the 1930 cartoon Hell's Heels.

In the novel Three Godfathers, on which Hell's Heels is based, the sheriff is called Buck Sweet, and he is not the father of the orphaned child. In the 1948, serious film adaptation of Godfathers with John Wayne, Ward Bond played the part of Sheriff Sweet.

As the entire cast for Hell's Heels is lost to time, is is unknown who voiced the Sheriff here.