This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Shogorf was a male Wellsian from the 97th Cosmos.


Shogorf was one of the Wellsians who took part in the invasion of Earth in 1897. Together with Rusk, he piloted a Tripod during the ransacking of Paris. Of the two, Rusk was the brasher and more conceited one, despising the humans utterly while Rusk still feared they might retaliate somehow.

However, both ended up being terrified when they saw the Eiffel Tower, believing it to be the human equivalent of a Tripod.[1] Fleeing, they ended up accidentally piloting their Tripod into,[2] and eventually beneath,[3] the sea.

Behind the scenes

Rusk and Shogorf first appeared in 2019 in Towering Success.

Notes & References

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