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[[Category:Clan McDuck (2017)]]
[[Category:Clan McDuck (2017)]]
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[[Category:Scottish characters]]

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Silas McDuck is a male anthropomorphic duck and the 2017 Continuum's counterpart to Silas McDuck.


Silas McDuck was Scrooge McDuck's great-grandfather. When alive, Silas conned Druids out of building a new Stonehenge on McDuck land.

It's implied that this version of Silas, differently from the original version, actually got to live long enough to meet his great-grandchildren, since Scrooge quotes his great-great-grandfather, presumably Silas, as having said, "Give me twelve highlanders on a bagpipe and I'll give you an rebellion".[1] It's possible that Silas became a ghost in the Castle McDuck, much like some of his relatives.

Behind the scenes

This version of Silas McDuck first appeared, in a mention, in the DuckTales's book, Solving Mysteries and Rewriting History!.

Notes and References

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