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Silas Perkins's Niece is a young female anthropomorphic cat.


This young girl, outgoing to the point of being "rough on toys" (which never lasted long in her hands), was the daughter of the sister of Silas Perkins. By 1939, she lived in Stickleville like her mother and her Uncle Silas. Silas gave her a defective camera as a new toy, not realising that the reason his store-bought camera did not work was that its internal parts were jammed by a secret formula hidden there by the Phantom Blot. Realising the Blot was after the camera, Mickey Mouse later tracked down the Perkinses and, when they refused to sell the camera, resorted in desperation to stealing it from the child.

Behind the Scenes

Silas Perkins's Niece appears in the 1939 story Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot. Interestingly, her kitten-like appearance suggests either that she is a hybrid (with Silas Perkins's Sister's unseen husband being a cat) or that she was adopted.