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Simon Legree and Eliza are a pair of bloodhounds owned by Bill Goat.


As the "trusty bloodhounds" of Constable Bill Goat, Simon Legree and Eliza have been used to track down criminals. Notably, they were used in 1930 when a local bank was robbed. They proved to be of no use, as they failed to find the culprits.

Behind the Scenes

Simon Legree and Eliza made their first official appearance in a panel of Mr Slicker and the Egg Robbers that was released on November the 12th, 1930. However, they may have appeared earlier in The Chain Gang, a cartoon that was released on September the 5th, 1930.[2][3] The bloodhounds in that short were unnamed but played the same role as Simon Legree and Eliza, also being bloodhounds used by a police department to track down a criminal. Curiously, the Chain Gang bloodhounds were used by police

One of the dogs from The Chain Gang who may or may not be either Simon Legree or Eliza

officers who bore a resemblance to Peg-Leg Pete, though it is unknown if those characters are the same as Pete in-universe, or if they are different characters who just so happen to look like him. It is unknown if the similarities between the two pairs of dogs was intentional or not.

The names "Simon Legree and Eliza" are taken from Harriet Beecher Stowe's 1852 novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, which features two characters with the same names.

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