Sinbad Duck (Paperin-Simbad in the original Italian) was a male anthropomorphic duck.


Sinbad Duck was an Arabic sailor and merchant and a citizen of the Caliphate whose crew consisted of three children. After he saved Deysi, the noble ward of Sultan Scrooge Al-Duck, from the Terrible Roc, the two developed a romantic bond and Deysi elected to marry him; they went on several subsequent adventures, but this first adventure was the one which Sinbad recorded in his Diary. A copy of this Diary would eventually find its way to Scrooge McDuck's library in 1985, where it was found and read through by Donald Duck, a distant descendant (and near-lookalike) of Sinbad Duck — from whose existence one can deduce that Sinbad and Deysi were at some point blessed with children.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sinbad Duck is the main character of th 1985 story The Adventures of Sinbad Duck. Although the story does not state on which side of the family Sinbad is an ancestor to Donald Duck, the presence of his diary in Scrooge McDuck's archives suggests Donald is likely related to Sinbad via the McDucks.

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