Singapore is an island in maritime Southeast Asia.


Singapore seems to have been the location of many an adventure in the first half of the 20th century. One parrot encountered by Donald Duck and his nephews was infamously prone to repeating the phrase “…and a guy named Joe, from Singapore!” whenever anyone tried to list anything, earning him the nickname of “Singapore Joe”, though it is unclear if he was actually the Joe he spoke of, or if indeed he had ever been to Singapore. In a more serious category, old salt Yellow Beak once explained to Donald and the triplets that he had once saved the life of an old sailor “in a fight” in Singapore, leading to the old sailor telling Yellow Beak the secret of the location of the map to Morgan's Island, which the old man claimed to have learned from none other than the ghost of Henry Morgan himself.

Behind the scenesEdit

Singapore was first mentioned in the Prime Universe in the 1942 story Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold.

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