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The Singing Busts are a group of human ghosts who manifest by possessing statues of themselves.


The Singing Busts are the Haunted Mansion's family choir, originally comprising Rollo Rumkin, Uncle Theodore, Cousin Algernon, Ned Nub, Phineas P. Pock and Aunt Lucretia, although the latter eventually left the group to instead haunt the Ballroom. The quintet, of whom Uncle Theodore appears to be the leader, are the main driving force behind the nightly performance of Grim Grinning Ghosts. Somehow, four of the Busts (missing Algernon) also manifest in identical statues in the Boot Hill Cemetery near Phantom Manor, letting the residents of Phantom Canyon enjoy their musical prowess.

Behind the scenes

The Singing Busts debuted in 1969 in The Haunted Mansion. They are played by the five members of the real-life vocal group “the Mellomen”, who also provided singing tracks for a number of other Disney productions, not least of which the titular song number of Trick or Treat (1952).